This is the website of Lady Bass Music, the private teaching studio of Brittany Frompovich. This site is for students and prospective students. If you are looking for concert information, booking information, video or MP3 files, please go to one of the following sites:


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Private Lesson Information


Guitar (acoustic and electric) - all levels
Electric Bass - all levels
Double Bass (String Bass or Upright Bass) - all levels
Cello, Congas, Bodhran - beginner to intermediate
Music Theory



At my private studio - $30 per half hour
Lessons at the private studio are on Monday, Tuesday morning
and Saturday

Sam Ash in Richmond, Virginia - Tuesday afternoons
call Nikki Pierce (Lesson Center Coordinator) Sam Ash for rates and booking information

The Sound Post - $30 per half hour
I teach at The Sound Post on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Pickers Supply - $30 per half hour
I teach at Pickers on Thursday afternoon and evening.

Tuition at all locations must be prepaid at the beginning of each month. Late fees may be applied based on your studio's lesson policy.

Contact me directly at
or by phone at 540-604-7266

Testimonials from parents:

"Brittany is an extremely accomplished and versatile
musician and artist who has applied her unique talents
in giving to others as a teacher. My daughter
began guitar instruction with Brittany several years
ago. This was my daughter's first experience with an
instrument, and it has been a positive one that began
cultivating an interest in musical performance. Brittany
quickly established a rapport with my daughter. It was this rapport that transformed the tedium of rudimentary
skills into an outward musical expression.

From my daughter's very first audience-filled
performance of the Star Spangled Banner, she was hooked on the stage and worked through the different skills needed to take on more challenging numbers. Aware of her weekly progress and noting those weeks in which my daughter fell behind in her lessons, Brittany was both firm and gentle in setting goals and expectations. Brittany's versatility in musical styles and genres, and instruments--Brittany is accomplished in a number of string instruments--she was always able to find the right mix of lessons and accompaniments to hold my daughter's interest. Displaying a philosophy of sharing one's music, Brittany encouraged musical performance. This was helpful in not only building skill, but in building confidence. In short order, I could see my daughter develop her individual talents as well as her performing skills with others through a number of ensemble performances. Brittany quickly discovered my daughter's musical voice, and encouraged opportunities for her to grow both her singing and playing. Our family has enjoyed several local performances by Brittany with Acoustic Bandwidth, and as guest performer for other groups. These performances have showcased Brittany's remarkable talent, and helped set a positive role-model image for my daughter to see. Brittany has been a wonderful teacher and mentor to my daughter, and to the many others she has taught. Brittany has also touched our family with her generosity to our daughter (and others) beyond music. Brittany is a remarkable talent and teacher, and we are very lucky to have found her. Brittany...from the heart. Thanks." Chris S. 5/14/06


"Brittany has been instructing my twin sons in drums and guitar since July of 2007. In this time Brittany has taught the boys not only the rudimentaries of the musical aspects of their instruments but also the fundamentals of good form. She has inspired them to practice their music by treating them like musicians. She is a firm but patient instructor and rewards them with genuine praise when appropriate or firm but gentle criticism when necessary. Brittany is professional in all respects both as a teacher and as a musician. The newsletter and websites Brittany offers are educational and keeps us abreast of upcoming events; again, very professionally done. I have recommended Brittany to personal friends with great enthusiasm and high praise and do so here in the same vein." Jill L. 2/24/2008


"I appreciate Brittany’s help, because of all the information I have already learned. On the first day there I was given great advice and was taught how to do different bass techniques more relaxed and efficient. One of these techniques was slap bass and I was just amazed at how different and better everything sounded after she taught me how to do slap and pop correctly. I was able to do it faster and for longer periods of time without feeling tightness in my arm. The next time we met she taught me all about scales and answered all my questions about them (and I had a ton of questions). She not only taught me about playing them, but also gave me their history and why the certain notes in them are what they are. I have been given much information to study, but that is something I like, because it makes me more knowledgeable about the bass. Right now I am thoroughly enjoying all my time with Brittany and highly recommend her for anyone that wants to play anything." Ray G., electric bass student 2/22/2008


"Brittany has been working with my son, Tyler, for about three years. He started out taking electric guitar lessons and then moved to the bass guitar. It has been a great experience for Tyler. Brittany has even hooked him up with two other students his age to form their own band. She spends hours of her own time coordinating performances with them and providing photos and video from the performances. Anyone can tell by her enthusiasm and dedication that she really loves her work and that inspires the kids. Thanks!" Mary S. 5/19/06


"Brittany is an exceptional musician and teacher. She is well versed in many forms of music which allows her to find ways of teaching her students the skills they need to excel in a way that holds their interests. She provides her students with opportunities to play in groups and perform at all levels. Her dedication is a gift that she shares with all her students freely. The day we met her was the luckiest day in my daughter's musical life." Jean D. 6/25/06


"Brittany has been teaching our son Dylan for about two years now. He started with her on guitar, and she has been great. She helped him get the basics, and right away encouraged him to be part of open-mike nights at Pickers’; he’s done it four times now on guitar. He already played violin, and she invited him to join the “chamber orchestra” group on Wednesdays; this has been great experience for him too. Brittany asked him to play electric violin for an open-mike event as well. Her energy and enthusiasm for music have been so valuable for keeping him excited and willing to explore more and more ideas. We are all huge fans of her!" Craig Vasey, Wendy Atwell-Vasey 6/26/06


"Wow you are sooo organized!!   Thank-you so much for everything. Sterling told me the other day that he really likes playing the guitar....but his favorite part is his Teacher.  Thanks so much!"   Danelle Patton 3/2/2009